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August 2013 Newsletter


August 2013 Newsletter

Christmas Supplement of Eastern Air Connections

In December, the spirit of Christmas is in the air. Every shopping mall is adorned with Christmas decorations and window displays. To retailers around the world, Christmas is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. As the level of consumption has been increasing in recent years, it’s time for brands make use of various media to launch their promotions, enhance competitiveness and draw in customers.

CinMedia is the best choice to launch your Christmas marketing and promotion campaign. The Christmas Supplement is inserted into the December issue of Eastern Air Connections. China Eastern Airlines has vast route networks covering the globe and serves travelers from all walks of life. The Christmas Supplement is a Christmas gift guide designed for travelers who fly abroad at Christmas. Travellers will enjoy reading the gift ideas and offers from various brands during the flight.

Eastern Air Connections Christmas Supplement Specification

Theme : Luxury high-end products

Publication Date:1st December 2013


Readership: Approximately 5,900,000/issue

Size:260mm (height) x 185mm (width)

Paper:80gsm matt art paper

Colour:Colour print

Binding:Can be torn off from the main book and becomes a separate booklet

For more information about the supplement, please contact Ms. Diana Lee at (+852)2976 2510 or

Nihao with new look

Starting from July this year, Nihao, the in-flight magazine of China Southern Airlines has been presented with a brand new image for its readers. After the layout revamping of Nihao, both the cover and content will have a new breakthrough. The magazine is going to use a global approach to highlight the life style and the hot news in China and the world together with other new sections which will surely bring the readers a refreshing insight for China.

Feature Sections:

“Luxury” :discovering the history, design, impact and the operation of luxury brands.
“Timepiece” :introducing the latest watches in the market.
“Hotel” :highlighting the new hotels and resorts around the world.
“Column-Wine” :sharing the brand history and the brewing process of the world class liquor by the well recognized wine critic.
“Expo” :reporting the highlights from the mega exhibitions all over the world.



For more information about the new Nihao , please contact Ms. Diana Lee at (+852)2976 2510 or

Weibo of Cinmedia

Our official Weibo has been opened to provide a platform for the interaction with our clients and the billions of Weibo users. We will continuous to upload the latest market information and the update of our magazine titles on Weibo. In addition, we will also gather the international anecdotes and news to share with our Weibo fans.

Please follow our Weibo

Hong Kong Airlines has launched Hong Kong – Maldives direct route

Commencing new flights between Hong Kong and Maldives, Hong Kong Airlines will become the only local carrier in Hong Kong providing direct flights to Maldives. Travellers only need to spend 5 hours to go Maldives from Hong Kong by taking the direct flight. On the new Hong Kong- Maldives route, Hong Kong Airlines deploys an A330-300 aircraft which contains 32 business-class seats and 260 economy-class seats. Passengers on the flight will have comfortable and relaxing journeys by enjoying the spacious seats and individual in-flight entertainment system.

After launching of direct route from Hong Kong to Maldives, Hong Kong has become the major transit hub for most of the Chinese travellers who are flying to Maldives. Hong Kong Airlines thus plays a very crucial carrier from bring the Chinese tourists to Maldives. According to the information released by the Maldives tourism board, there were nearly 23 million of Chinese tourists to go to Maldives in 2012 which has an increase of 15.6% over the previous year. The openings of Hong Kong -Maldives regular route by Hong Kong Airlines can further drive tourists to visit Maldives from the Asia-Pacific region.

China Southern Airlines has launched the 44th international direct flight - Guangzhouto Moscow

In order to better meet the growing exchanges and frequent contacts between China and Russia, China Southern Airlines has launched its first direct flight to Moscow this year which becomes the 4th direct flight to Europe running by China Southern Airlines.

In 2012, there were over 2.4millions of Russian visiting China while Chinese tourists in Russia has also increased by 47% then the previous year. The air passengers between China and Russia have reached 1.42 million. Russian is the top 3 county of inbound tourist in China. Meanwhile, China is 2nd largest country with frequent travellers to Russia since the Chinese tourists mainly like to go Moscow for sightseeing and business meetings.

China Southern Airlines has committed to be a world-class network carrier. which is operating 44 international routes and 90 domestic routes. After the starting of Guangzhou - Moscow direct flights, there will be 24 weekly flights from Guangzhou to European countries like Paris, Amsterdam and London etc. China Southern Airlines has more than 180 weekly flights to major cities in Southeast Asia as well. Moreover, China Southern Airlines has aggressively extended its oversea hubs in 5 cities in Australia and New Zealand and become the airlines in China with the highest number of hubs in these countries.

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