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2014 Early-Bird Booking Promotion

October 2013

2014 Early-Bird Booking Promotion

The Early-Bird Booking Promotion for the titles under CinMedia is on. Advertiser can use the advertising rate in 2013 to reserve the position in 2014. Moreover, some of our titles will have a further discount on top of the current rate. Since most of the titles will have 5-10% increment in rate for 2014, advertiser can be protected from the increase and be ensured to use the most favorable price to reserve the best position during the promotion period. So, action NOW!!

Our representing titles

China Eastern Airlines - Connections

China Southern Airlines - Gateway & Nihao

China Airlines - DynastySky BoutiqueFantasy Sky

Hong Kong Airlines - Aspire

Hainan Airlines - RuiEnjoy

Philippine Airlines - Mabuhay

Asiana Airlines - Asiana Entertainment

Private jet in-flight magazine - Global Flying

The Early-Bird booking deadline varies from different titles, please contact Ms. Diana Lee at (+852) 2976 2510 / for further booking details.

giO Media – our new representative in the Middle East and Benelux

To cope with the rapid growth of our business and keep expanding our business overseas, we are proudly to appoint giO Media as our exclusive sales agent in the Middle East and Benelux for promoting and selling our representing titles and media platforms.

The frequent destination promotion by the Middle East and Benelux has successfully attracted a growing number of Chinese and Asian tourists in recent years. According to the report released by World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Aug 2013, the number of tourist to the Middle East increased by 13% in the first half of 2013. The report also expected that in 2020 and 2030, the number of visitor in the Middle East will reach 101 millions and 149 millions respectively. In Dubai, the number of tourist has increased by 10% in 2012. During the first half of 2013, the traffic in Dubai Airport has reached a record high for 32 million passengers.

In view of this, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines have not only launched direct flight to Middle East, such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East region, but also increased the frequency of direct flight to European countries. The affluent long-haul travellers to the Middle East and Europe are definitely a target audience for in-flight advertiser and thus, we have actively explored the media market in the Middle East and Europe.

Air passenger in the Golden Week of China has reached 7.7 millions

The air passenger in the China National Day holiday (Golden Week) has maintained a steady growth this year. According to the statistics from China Civil Aviation Administration, the air passenger traffic has reached 7.7 millions, an increase of 15.8% comparing with the same period last year. To meet with the needs of the Chinese travellers during the Golden Week, an increase of 4,000 domestic and international flights were operating on top of 10,000 daily flights.

Major airlines in China have also intensified with the frequency of flight. For example, in the first day of the Golden Week, China Southern Airlines operated 1,568 flights which carried 263,325 passengers. The outbound flights departing from Guangzhou were up to 273 flights and carried about 42,329 passengers. The inbound flights flying to Guangzhou were up to 277 flights and carried about 36,998 passengers. According to the statistics, from 27 September onwards, there were over 4,000,000 daily passengers departing from Guangzhou by China Southern Airlines which has an increase of 30% than usual. Besides, China Southern Airlines has also increased 360 flights during the Golden Week.

During the Golden Week, additional 2,600 flights were operated mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Chongqing and other popular cities in China. 26 additional flights were operated from China to Hong Kong. 14 additional flights were operated from China to Macau. 34 additional flights were operated between China and Taiwan. For the extra 1,300 international flights, they were mainly flying to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Jeju, Seoul, Da Nang, Siem Reap and other foreign hot cities.

The passenger traffic has greatly soared in the Golden Week which means the exposure of in-flight advertisement, especially in long-haul routes, has also significantly increased. Many advertisers have already aware the opportunities in the Golden Week, and thus increased the placement of advertisement to attract the huge number of air travellers from China.

Luxury Companies Look to Gain From Shanghai Free-Trade Zone

China's first free trade zone was officially inaugurated in Shanghai on September 29. China's State Council has said that in the free trade zones, restrictions on foreign investment will be greatly eliminated, interest rates will be set by markets, and China’s heavily-regulated currency, the Renminbi, will be traded freely with other currencies. 18 sectors, including finance and shipping, will have regulations loosened in the zone. In the luxury industry, such as retail, auction company and other enterprises, will be mostly benefited from the new free trade zone in Shanghai. With the establishment of free trade zone, driven by low-tax environment, it may lead to a boom in buying luxury goods in the zone.

Christie’s International, which last month held the first auction for an international auction house on the Chinese mainland, selling works from Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso, said Shanghai’s free-trade zone will allow it to import more artwork to sell in the country. Sales of art and antiques in China raised $14.3 billion in 2012, making it the second-largest market in the world, according to a report in March by the European Fine Art Foundation.

China Eastern Airlines is looking to obtain approval for a cross-border e-commerce business in the free-trade zone that will allow the Shanghai-based company to sell luxury items and high-priced food directly to mainland shoppers. According to China Eastern’s business plan, the airline will buy goods abroad, transport them to the China, and sell them to mainland shoppers through the e-commerce site.

Mainland shoppers are already the biggest spenders on luxury items in the world, with half of their purchases made abroad. China will account for more than one-third of global luxury spending by 2015, according to estimates by McKinsey & Company. Therefore, the free trade zone in Shanghai can bring in both tourists and business visitors to Shanghai but at the same time, it will not diminish the demand for outbound travelling. Thus, the air passenger of Shanghai must be increased rapidly in the near future.

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