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CinMedia Bi-monthly Newsletter (March - 2015)

CinMedia Bi-monthly Newsletter (March - 2015)

Dear Valued Customers,

CinMedia Bi-monthly Newsletter (Mar-2015) is now published!

The newsletter includes corporate news, promotions events and industry news that you just cannot miss, helping you to get the contour of the latest marketing trend of high-end consumers through our in-flight media.

Stay tuned with us!


CinMedia leaps forward to more air travel advertising services

Being a leading in-flight magazine production and advertising service provider, CinMedia is the sole in-flight magazine publisher and advertising representative of the largest airlines in Mainland China (China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines), the largest airlines in Taiwan (China Airlines) and the 3rd largest airlines in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Airlines).

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we will now extend our media services from in-flight magazine to other forms of air travel advertising like in-flight TV, boarding pass, tray table display and plane body spray. We hope to create more values for clients through our growing business profile.

Call us now to check for any special offers!


Cheers for CA’s NexGen DYNASTY!

China Airlines (CA) has her NexGen Plan incepted since mid-2014. By then, China Airlines has hired a team of internationally renowned designers to construct her new brand image, including her cabins, uniforms, and in-flight items. Amongst all, the long-awaited NexGen in-flight magazine DYNASTY has published in Feb-2015!

The magazine showcases Oriental beauty, simplicity and elegance, while including Taiwan creative art and advances in environmental protection; enhancing the re-born of the CA. The NexGen magazine will surely bring forth a brand new reading experience to our travelers!


A record-high passenger-traffic for CE in 2014!

China Eastern (CE) has a remarkable report sheet for 2014 – carrying 84 million passenger-traffic – ranks Top 10 amongst carriers around the world; according to IATA. In this year, the CE’s new visual identification system was also launched with high reputation, together with the most advanced aircraft – Boeing 777-300ER came into service. As for today, CE operates more than 500 aircrafts, reaching 177 countries and 1052 destinations.


More flights to Australia: CS’s great leap forward to international market

In line with the strategic cooperation agreement signed between China Southern (CS) and the Australian Tourism Board, CS has set plans for more frequent flights to Australia and New Zealand, especially to Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, with origin from Guangzhou. The weekly number of flights to Australia and New Zealand will be increased to 38 and 14 respectively.

Dated back 2014, CS carried 948 thousand passenger-traffic for Australia-New Zealand routes, accounting for 30% of Sino-Australian market; while increased by 575% y-o-y. Looking forward to 2015, CS aimed to expand further her market presence in the region with more flights to Northern America and Europe.


CA operating results fueled with the newly-joined B777-300ER

Since B777-300ER new plane came into service in late 2014, China Airlines (CA) experiences growth in her passenger-traffic figures: 15-20% growth for Europe, North America and Australia routes; while 10% growth in Mainland routes.

Apart from the new plane delivery, CA paid a great effort in expanding her flight network in Mainland China in 2014 too: the number of destinations in Mainland China totaled 31, with flight frequency reached 150 per week. This makes CA to become the leading flight operator in Taiwan’s international and cross-strait market.


HKA with Tai-hing bring authentic Hong Kong cuisine

Since 2006, Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) has been striving to provide exciting services to travelers. In February 2015, HKA brings forward an exciting partnership with the well-established 25-year-old Tai Hing (TH) Catering Group. The jointly HKA and TH offer a variety of delicious and authentic Hong Kong cuisine to business class passengers exclusively. Some of the dishes offered onboard have received “The Best of the Best Culinary Awards” by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The partnership expects to bring notable business growth, and will help promote traditional Hong Kong cuisine on a global scale.



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