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China Airlines
One-year anniversary of “buddy bears painting aircraft”

One year ago, China Airlines unveiled its “buddy bears liveried aircraft.” “Buddy bears” refer to three tourism mascots: Taiwan’s Oh Bear, Kaohsiung’s Hero, and Japan’s Kumamon. Now, they are depicted together for the first time in 3D on Kaohsiung and Metro cars. Their likenesses are integrated with Kaohsiung and Kumamoto attractions, with many people taking photos of these bear murals and uploading them to social media.

The concept of the China Airlines “buddy bears liveried aircraft” is to promote tourism to Taiwan and Japan in partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, and Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan. China Airlines is actively cultivating the Kyushu, Japan travel market with 28 regular weekly flights between Taiwan and the Kyushu region.

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