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China Airlines
China Airlines honored with Onboard Hospitality Award

China Airlines Premium Economy class amenities, targeted to younger generations of travelers, have been recognized with Onboard Hospitality magazine’s “Best Onboard Amenities Kit – Premium Economy” Award.

The amenities kits provided on China Airlines flights were developed based on passenger-centric design and the integration of environmental protection and creative culture concepts. The outer shell is of natural colors, revealing a sleek high-tech look, and overall sense of refinement under cabin lights. These design features were instrumental in China Airlines receiving this honor. The judging panel for the Onboard Hospitality Awards consists of 20 industry experts such as airline executives, airline catering services executive chefs, magazine editors and suppliers of service products. Criteria include innovation, first impressions, quality, durability, product life, weight, performance, design, functionality, taste, contents, and user experience.

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