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China Airlines
CAL Won the First Prize again at Roses Parade

China Airlines has won for the second year in a row the International Award for Most Outstanding Float From Outside The United States at the 130th Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California on 2019 New Year’s Day, with a float titled “Rhythms of Taiwan.”

The centerpiece of its design is a cute figure of Nezha, known as Santazi or the Third Prince. Starting off with celebration atmosphere, accompanied the cute figure of Santazi, the overall idea of the theme of China Airlines’ float was introduced with Taiwan’s temple culture. The arrangements of carnations, orchids, roses, and chrysanthemums spotlight the China Airlines’ commitment to advancing environmental protection, green energy, and sustainable development. In echoing the parade’s theme, “The Melody of Life,” China Airlines has invited locally popular performance troupes along to electronic music and taiko drummings by 6 drummers, signifying a year of spreading Taiwan’s passion to the world.

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